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Bhairavi meets Mohd. Nizam who works with Dubai Municipality

It's Wednesday which means it's BeKindToday Day!

Meet Mohd Nizam. Out of his 23 years in UAE, he's been working for Dubai Municipality for 22 years. He knows 5 languages and is currently trying to speak Sudanese.

He is very happy with his work and provides for his 2 kids, wife and mother who are in Bangladesh.

He's our hero of the week! And was super thrilled to go use the vouchers that he received. ?

Now time to share how you're going to BeKindToday?


#BeKindToday is RJ Bhairavi’s initiative to give back & make a difference - one person at a time. Every week, she reaches out to one person who is not as privileged & tries in her own small way in helping them.
You too can tell us, how you’ve made a difference & be part of the #BeKindToday initiative.
It’s the Year of Giving, come – lets make a difference.