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Bhairavi meets Mr. Gardener

Let me share with you the story of a person I found sitting between buildings...

Meet Amar Bahadur Singh. He's been in UAE for 7 years and works as a gardener. He works all through the week, earns AED 1000 but has no complaints as he says it's cause of this job that he is able to take care of his wife and son in Uttar Pradesh.

His aim is to see that his son completes his university, gets a degree and works as a skilled employee, as he doesn't want his son to struggle like he did. His dream is coming true as his son will be going into his final college year soon.

After getting the vouchers, he said he'd be able to send much more money back home this month.

Amar was such a gentleman, post our conversation; he told me to wait a few he wanted to bring me some chai and snacks. Bless! ?

Now your turn, share with me how you are BeKindToday.

#BeKindToday is RJ Bhairavi’s initiative to give back & make a difference - one person at a time. Every week, she reaches out to one person who is not as privileged & tries in her own small way in helping them.
You too can tell us, how you’ve made a difference & be part of the #BeKindToday initiative.
It’s the Year of Giving, come – lets make a difference.