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Bhairavi meets the domestic helper who supports her 3 kids

This is Gigi. She's been in UAE for 10 years, and works as a domestic helper in Dubai.

She starts work at 6am and gets done by 8pm. Her family are her 3 children, all in Sri Lanka. She is the only working member of the family. Her two kids are looking for jobs, while her one daughter has acute arthritis and can't work. So ever-smiling Gigi works hard to make sure her kids don't have to struggle.

She had tears in her eyes when I gave her the voucher. Gigi, thank you for reminding us all to always smile through our worries. You're a wonderful strong woman.

#BeKindToday is RJ Bhairavi’s initiative to give back & make a difference - one person at a time. Every week, she reaches out to one person who is not as privileged & tries in her own small way in helping them.
You too can tell us, how you’ve made a difference & be part of the #BeKindToday initiative.
It’s the Year of Giving, come – lets make a difference.