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Birthday month kindness by Bhairavi

Every March (basically every Birthday :P ) I try starting something through which I'm able to reach more people at a personal level and TRY spreading a little happiness in my own little way.

This Birthday, I decided I'm going to bring back BeKindToday and I'll do it every single week. 

And here's our first BeKindToday of the year...

Meet Amirbasha. He's from Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan and has just completed 6 months in the UAE. He cycles every day from Sharjah at 1am to reach Dubai and collect cartons all day. He financially supports his younger brother, sister, wife and 5 kids.

His overworked face broke into a big smile when I handed him the vouchers, and then so did my face.  Now your turn, share with me how you're going to BeKindToday.