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He saved for Financial Independence

Meet Ashtar, he's from Peshawar, Pakistan; and has been in UAE for over 20 years.

He lives in Ajman and his work makes him drive all over UAE every day. A few years back, and after saving a lot of money, he bought a pick-up. He now helps people as they shift houses (in fact I met him as he was unloading all those plants). He has no helper, so he drives and delivers everything himself.

He was so excited to get the voucher, managed to capture his smile on cam (yay!).


How are you going to Be Kind Today?

#BeKindToday is RJ Bhairavi’s initiative to give back & make a difference - one person at a time. Every week, she reaches out to one person who is not as privileged & tries in her own small way in helping them.
You too can tell us, how you’ve made a difference & be part of the #BeKindToday initiative.
It’s the Year of Giving, come – lets make a difference.