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Bigg Boss 11- First Captain of the season

It is said that there can be only one captain at the helm of the ship and that's very true in the Bigg Boss House. In the penultimate search for the first captain of this journey, two members from Arshi Khan's team are nominated for the final task. These team members are the ones who have outperformed the rest in the royal tasks from previous days.

Hina Khan fails to convey the messages to her inmates. This proves to be costly for Hina, as she is then accused of disrupting Bigg Boss's message on purpose. This causes a fight between her and Vikas, where Vikas ends up calling her a hypocrite. In a moment of extreme emotion, Hina then conveys that she will lose the task on purpose as she cannot live with the guilt of cheating anyone.

Decisions are made; Hina and Puneesh battle it out for captaincy. But things aren't so simple in the Bigg Boss House. The Padosis comeback and are given a special power- to replace two candidates with someone else!

The final blow comes in when the padosis announce that they would elect Vikas to stand against Puneesh on the final lap of the captaincy task; eliminating Hina from the roster. Vikas and Puneesh, both headstrong and determined, are now in the running to become the first captain of Bigg Boss 11.