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Bigg Boss 11: Its Hina - Shilpa vs Luv - Puneesh!!

The best view awaits after the hardest climbs, and the race is all set to start in Bigg Boss 11. As the task continues, it is celebrities against the commoners, as they turn up to get their best sport of Top 3 in Bigg Boss 11.


While the second part of the long trek commences, all the contestants need to leave their friendships behind and play their own individual games. Luv Tyagi makes it clear to Hina Khan that winning this task means a lot for him and henceforth he will not support her in this task.


Now that Hina is all alone, she tries to get support from Shilpa Shinde and Mastermind Vikas Gupta. The three overthrow Akash Dadlani out of the race. Akash gets into an intense argument with Hina and she reveals that she always wanted to eliminate Akash from the task.

Luv and Puneesh notice that the 3 celebs (Hina, Shilpa, and Vikas) are together and decide to tighten their guard and stand by each other. Together, they eliminate Vikas, leaving Shilpa and Hina to create a new strategy for winning this game.


Who do you think will win this task?