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Bigg Boss 11: Luv gets bullied by Puneesh and Bandagi!

The tables have turned in Bigg Boss and roles have been reversed in the second day of luxury budget task.


Puneesh, Bandagi, Hiten and Shilpa became little dwarfs and are tasked with torturing the giants. Puneesh and Bandagi have decided to take the revenge after all the torture they had to endure on the first day of the task.



Hiten loses his calm when he notices Luv hiding his trimmers. Vikas, Puneesh and Bandagi stand by Hiten supporting him! Today's element of surprise will be brought by Aakash, who will want to be the first one to complete the task.



Luv is bullied by Puneesh and Bandagi, where Puneesh trims his hair and Bandagi uses waxing strips and maks sure that not even a single strand of hair is visible on Luv's body! Hina finally shows off her determination and strength and decides to throw chilli powder on her face. But Bandagi also decides to chop off Hina's precious locks.