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Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa Shinde steps down from her kitchen duties!

Vikas, Shilpa, Arshi, and Luv have emerged victorious in this week’s luxury budget task. As the four of them enjoy their moment of glory, Bigg Boss announces that they have to nominate 2 of the worst contestants, who will be then sent to Kaalkothari.

Arshi Khan, being the captain of the house, gets a special power to nominate any 1 contestant who will spend the night behind the bars.

Vikas is upset with Priyank for making fun at his pet name ‘Kuchi Pu’ in a very inappropriate manner. Vikas then warns Priyank that he will make his life miserable in Bigg Boss if this continues.

Shilpa Shinde decides to step off from her kitchen duties as Hina Khan questions her hygiene levels while cooking. Arshi purposely reveals Hina that Shilpa has been using tap water all this while to prepare food for everyone. Hina immediately confronts Shilpa and asks her not to continue using tap water to prepare food.

Hina later blames Shilpa, telling that the inmates are falling ill due to the tap water the food is cooked in. Unable to take all these allegations, Shipla decides to step down from her kitchen duties.