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Bigg Boss 11: The house turns into a court!

This week, the nominated contestants are the celebrities and none of the commoners- which include Hina, Sapna, Priyank and Shilpa.

This week's luxury budget task was supposed to be a light-hearted task but things get out of hand when the gharwale bring in their personal grudges against each other during the task.

Bigg Boss wants the house to be converted into a courtroom, where Captain Bandagi and Sapna are the two judges and Arshi and Hiten are a married couple who are planning to get divorced. Hina and Vikas are the two lawyers fighting against each other for their respective families.

The session continues, where Hiten’s family raises a shadow of doubt about her character and her dressing sense. She takes this very personally, as she thinks Hina is taking this personally and is aiming towards her character. Later, after the session, Arshi brings up Sabyasachi and Priyank’s alleged relationship in the house.

Priyank loses his temper and yells at Arshi and Vikas for supporting her which leads to a major fight between the two.