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Bigg Boss 11: The luxury budget task at risk!

The first day of the luxury budget task comes to an end with few of the contestants losing their chance to become the top contenders for captaincy. As the second day of the dinosaur task starts out, Puneesh turns out to be the smart one as he wants Bandagi to be one of the top contenders.



The dinosaurs Luv and Vikas get into an argument over who will enter the other side. Things quickly heat up amongst the two, as Vikas tries to defend the door and two of them get into an intense fight that they almost break the door.


The final moments of the task seem to be the toughest. Vikas will now have to decide who will go through to the next round for the captaincy task- Hiten or Bandagi. He finds it tough to select one of them and decides to walk out of the task – putting the luxury budget at risk.



Vikas is caught between Hiten and Bandagi as he’s made a promise to both of them and that he cannot go against both of them. But the task is incomplete till Vikas doesn’t pick one of the two for the final part of the task.


Who do you think Vikas will choose? Watch the episode today!