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Bigg Boss (Day 43)

It’s that time of the week again when contestants have to nominate each other! In a quest to test the bond between contestants, Bigg Boss asks for the ultimate sacrifice in the name of friendship. A Watch-Tower is placed in the middle of the lawn area and contestants are called upon one-by-one as the nomination process begins for the week. Little do they know, they can be saved from nomination by 1 person in the house!



Akash is now angry with Shilpa since he could not accept the fact that she and Vikas are now on friendly terms. He lashes out at Vikas and Shilpa saying that they faked their fight right from the moment they entered the Bigg Boss house.


The first one to find their way to the tower is Hina and the only way she can be safe is if Luv agrees to be branded as a ‘Zero!’ The task is simple, Sapna has to apply Mehendi on Luv’s forehead and write out the word Zero.


To keep Akash safe, Hiten is asked to part ways with a family portrait. To keep Hiten safe this week, Priyank has to make the ultimate sacrifice – to lose all his hair! Priyank shaves all hair off!