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Bigg Boss (Highlights): Day 29

The contestants weren’t successful in completing this week luxury budget task ‘Mission BB11’, it is time for them to decide who were the worst performers in the luxury budget task, will be sent to the KaaliKothri.


Meanwhile, Benfasha decides to play with the fire. She gets punished by Bigg Boss for pulling Akash’s hair when the two got into a fight the other day. Benafsha has directly been sent to jail and is nominated for next week’s eviction as well.


Contestants have a hard time figuring the worst performers in the luxury budget task. Hina Khan feels that Vikas should go to jail as it was his idea to get off the rocket. In the midst of the argument, Luv and Akash get into an argument. Finally Bigg Boss asks Sabyasachi, Akash, and Benafsha to decide who the worst performers are.



Hina and Mehjabin get into a fight where Hina asks Mehjabi to keep herself out of others problem. Later Arshi repeatedly calls Luv a bouncer who protects Hina all the time and instigates him.