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Highlights- Bigg Boss 11

A lot of drama maximum profit. With a limited supply of money, raw materials and continues in Bigg Boss House. Post Jyoti’s eviction, Vikas finds himself alone in the house. This week’s luxury budget task, the Cushion Bazaar- where Shilpa and Vikas had a massive face off against each other as businesspeople trying to make labour, each one has to make 75 Cushions in a stipulated time period.


Vikas and Shilpa came up with their respective strategies to convince contestants to work with them and hire them as their employees.


The other side we also witnessed discussions about captaincy amongst the contestant like Priyank, Hina, Sapna Chaudhry and Vikas Gupta.

Meanwhile, Shilpa with the help of Hina steals all the money from Vikas Gupta. Vikas then realizes this and rejects all the cushions made by Shilpa teams. Hence, Bigg Boss announces that both the teams have failed in their tasks.




Who do you think will be the captain this week?