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Highlights: Bigg Boss (Day 32)


This week’s luxury budget task concludes with Team Vikas, who collects the maximum amount of money. Benafsha, on the other hand, is the richest individual contestant in the task as she earns a lot of money with the help of her beloved friend Priyank Sharma.


Shilpa is shocked as she realizes that some of the housemates backstabbed her and gave the money to Vikas. Now, Bigg Boss decides that the gharwale with mutual consent have to elect two contestants who according to them were the worst performers in the task.



Luv, who is the captain for the week, can choose an extra contestant amongst all who can directly go to the jail. After a lot of arguments and hours of discussion, two people are selected with votes and Luv will have to make his decision and send the 3rd person to jail!