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First Look : Vidya Balan As Geeta Bali In ‘Ek Albela’

The talented National Award winning actress Vidya Balan was amazed when she first saw herself in the get up of the lovely yesteryear actress Geeta Bali. Balan will soon be seen in a special appearance as Geeta Bali in a Marathi biopic based on the legend Bhagwan dada titled  Ek Albela.

The makers of the film got a few lighting and make up and hair-do trials to achieve this stunning resemblance between the two actresses. Says Dr Mohnish Babre, "Vidya has that rare combination of , sweetness, charm and grace that is so characteristic of Geetaji. However, we didn't know that the look test would come out this perfect. Even Vidya was pleasantly surprised."

Make up artist Vidhyadar Bhatte was the mastermind behind the look while stylist Subarna Rai Chaudhari spent considerable time choosing and making period outfits for Vidya. it is said that Vidya agreed to do this special appearance out of sheer love for cinema & Geetaji and that its a Marathi film was the icing on the cake.