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John Abraham All Ready To Kill In Force 2

The first look of his film Force 2 directed by Abhinay Deo has been revealed and the actor is donning many shades of grey in a tight frame that sees him bending and looking straight up. His tough look seems like John is ready to avenge someone and the bruises add on to the story that seems an quite similar to its prequel.

Talking about the role in this film John was previously quoted saying, “Now I’ve just started ‘Force 2′ and I’m nervous because we have to go beyond that (‘Rocky Handsome’), and that’s exactly what we are trying.”

He further added that Force 2’ is an emotional film. “We have got strong emotions in it. The script looks strong and it has great director like Abhinay Deo,” he said

The actor, who recently celebrasted his birthday has 5 releases in the year to come and with that John will be seen ruling the charts with his back to back releases. The actor has been training himself for months in action and this time around he has promised that the level of his action sequences will rise up a notch. “Just like how actors train for songs and dance sequences, I trained myself for action. There are eight or nine action sequences in the film that are my item numbers. Nishikant and I actually joked that we have got our item numbers in the form of action,” he quipped.

Are you excited for Force 2? We certainly are!