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The Tricolour moves Akshay Kumar to tears!

Well, we are talking about a scene from a movie, but what's real here is Akshay Kumar's tears - glycerine free. 

He was shooting a scene for his next film Airlift,where the Indian flag was raised as the first flight took off from Kuwait with Indian evacuees, post Saddam Hussein's invasion. We know that Akki is a toughie from the outside, but during this shot he was so swept with emotion that he cried without any glycerine.

Akshay recalls the time when Kuwait was invaded in August 1990 and he was awaiting the release of his debut film Saugandh. He wasn't aware that such a huge number of Indians were brought back in an operation of 488 flights in 59 days. The actor says, "So when I heard about it, I was like... 'Did this really happen?' I also learnt that considering the international geo-political situation prevalent then, our government ensured it didn't make headlines. While playing my character, I could feel what Indians were going through at that time.