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This Batman Vs Superman Final Trailer makes a lot of sense as it sets the right tempo and takes the excitement to whole another level.

The highlights and key takeaways from this trailer are.

  1. Batman is 50 years old and he takes down some 30 or more odd bad man in a hostage situation in a jiffy and at the end of his part he is shown telling the audience that he is 50 and he is not able to move fast.
  2. There is a more footage given to Wonder Woman and there might be a Romantic Angle involved Between Batman and Wonder Woman.
  3. The last part is nothing but ecstasy for all the fans, the real Batman vs Superman Face Off starts and Superman is shown as the all mighty creature who can take down earth at his will, but in last 5 seconds of the trailer the Master Mind Batman has done something which shows that Superman is gonna have a difficult time now. Is it Kryptonite or is it some other Super Serum that we will need to wait till the release of the movie.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Official Final Trailer.