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Either Deepika Padukone or Priyanka Chopra Could Be the next Bond Girl

Deepika is finishing the final leg of xXx — she had given them bulk dates for the film. And over the past 18 months Priyanka Chopra has been shooting for Quantico, and only recently she started work on Baywatch too. Both actresses have very strong teams there who are deftly managing their work and have been pitching them to various Hollywood studios. And they have also made it clear to their respective agents that they are not interested in doing two-bit roles... Who wouldn’t want to be the Bond girl? It’s a role that’s on everyone’s wish list but only the chosen one gets it. Now, it’s entirely up to the makers.”

At the moment, this seems pretty far-fetched, but if it does happen, we're certain that either of these actors would slay it as the Bond Girl.