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India to be crucial part of this 4 Oscar wining movies

GANDHI (1982)



Won eight Oscars for best picture and best Actor. The movie talks about the iconic figures of the 20th century and the role of him as a freedom fighter to gain independences from British. The film was shot in India ,capturing the culture of the land.

The cast are Amris Puri  and Om Puri the legends of Indian cinema.





The film ever to win an Oscars, The  movie talks about a story of a boy growing from slums of Mumbai and  turns in to a millionaire after participating in the most popular reality quiz show. Known for achieving 8 Oscars featuring a huge cast of Indian actors and technicians which is directed by Danny Boyle.





Nominated for 5 Academy Awards, won for sound editing. A Kathryn Bigelow’s movies showcase the hunt for the most wanted terrorists in the country.

Some scenes were shot in Chandigarh that looks like Lahore and Abbottabad, where Osama Bin Laden resided.


A LIFE OF PI (2012)


Based on a novel by Yann Martel, Ang Lee’s .A spell-binding movie with 4 Academy Awards, Lee was awarded for best Director. The film narrated the tale of a family from Puducherry moving to Canada with their zoo animals. The ship in which the family is travelling face high storm.

The movie is filled with religious meditations and social observations taking its source from India.

A film with Indian- origin actors also includes some south Indian locations like Botanical Gardens.