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'Jai Gangaajal' Official Trailer 2

It’s Difficult to take your eyes off screen when Priyanka Chopra is on Screen, but balancing that factor we are presenting an unbiased Trailer Analysis – Jai Gangaajal Official Trailer 2.

The Trailer Starts with people Shouting Slogans “Insaaf Dena hoga” and then a Dead Body is shown handing on a tree and the place seems like a a near by area of a central India Small Village. And then a Politician Makes a Entry which showcases all his power with his punchy Dialogues. And later it is established with his dialogues that the dead body hanging on the tree was his relative. And there is gonna be a lot of mess around this murder.

The Pace is set and two things are clarified with the trailer.

  1. There is nothing new in the Film
  2. Its gonna be a wholesome of entertainment with the Usual Twists and turns we see in a Prakash Jha Movie.

But just when we thought that this is gonna be the usual drama, the trailer showcases a honest lady cop. the first question which comes to your mind is, what is the novelty in that. But When The Ravishing Priyanka Chopra is the Cop, things are actually more than interesting.

First of all Priyanka Chopra is Like Wine, she is only improving with age, we are exactly not talking about her acting skills but the way she is carrying herself and we can just imagine the kind of stellar performance she has given after Mary Kom and Bajirao Mastani.

And then Prakash Jha Makes his entry, its gonna be interesting to see this meticulous director on screen after giving some real entertaining movies. And though his character has shades of grey but it is shown in the trailer that he becomes a good man towards the end.

In the whole trailer the director is not saying that i am giving you a new story he is just saying i tell these kind of stories the best. The screenplay already looks riveting and it shows a power balance between evil and good. So its gonna be some dhshum dhishum Desi style. We wish the Team all the best.