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If you don’t lose weight, don’t complain of being insulted

If your New Year resolution was to lose weight, then strictly follow it. Because here is a calorie-counting app that will insult if you consume extra calories for the day.

‘Carrot Hunger’, an app will not only make you feel bad about your weight but will also ask you to pay a price by making you buy a product from the advertisers in the app if you exceed your daily calorie limit. When you start going overboard, the app will accept a bribe of an in-app purchase to pretend it never happened. If you decline, you are shown more ads as punishment.

To set up the app, the users need to share information about their height, weight and gender. This data helps the app to generate your limit for the day. The users can feed the app with the food that they eat to help it count the calories.

Each time you add something, the app indicates how much you have eaten towards your limit and generates an insult to make you feel bad for what you have just had.