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Marriage proposal not the same anymore

Planning to get married and want to propose your girl in style, well then these videos might help you with some ideas.


Kiranjit surprises Poonam with a proposal at Disneyland with a Bollywood and Bhangra Flashmob in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle.  


Canadian groom Frank Gregoire sings ‘Tum Hi Ho’ for his Indian bride Simran Malhotra. It took Frank Gregoire six weeks to learn the lyrics and piano chords to popular Bollywood love song "Tum Hi Ho".


Mohit took his girlfriend Mehak, her family, and his family and all their friends for a Hindi movie in Dubai. He surprised her by proposing to her through a special video that was screened just before the movie.


Check out this ADORABLE flash mob proposal video, in which the desi hero takes his girlfriend for a walk in London, and then proposes to her by jigging to the tune of “Desi Girl”! the best part of it is though he ain’t the best dancer in the world, but he still goes ahead and dances for her, and in public!