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The Christmas gifts we really hope you don’t get

Try and pretend you're delighted if any of these duds land in your lap on Christmas Day.

here’s nothing worse than when a loved one buys you a completely useless Christmas gift – after all, this is why we have wish lists on Amazon.

It usually happens when they try and second-guess what you might like, and invariably leads to Yuletide sadness.

Here’s a bunch of gadgets we hope you don’t receive and then have to do that face where you pretend you’re overjoyed…


The Phone Soap Charger

Not only will this ridiculous piece of equipment charge your mobile, it’ll also give it a sanitising once-over into the bargain.

UV-C rays clean it while it is housed inside its casing, helping you avoid nasty phone germs (that were probably on it in the first place via your mucky paws).

If someone gives you this, you need to ask yourself what their hidden message to you is.



If your real-life mother gives you this, she might be about to tell you that she’s off on a round-the-world cruise.

Looking like a 1970s salt cellar with a face drawn on it, this thing is basically an electronic nagging contraption.

Its function is to remind you of the mundane things in life, such as drinking enough water and cleaning your teeth.


The NoPhone

It looks like a smartphone but that’s where the similarities end.

Completely devoid of functionality, what you’ve got here is a small, useless brick.

If someone has bought you one of these, you need to consciously uncouple yourself from them, pronto.