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10 Bollywood Celebrities with their BFF's.

Ever wondered who are Salman Khan`s closest friends in the industry? Who is Kareena Kapoor Khan`s BFF? Or who is close to Ajay Devgn? Sonam Kapoor’s best pal in Bollywood is? Ranbir Kapoor has a close friend in the industry – who’s he? Here’re the ‘real’ best friends of Bollywood whose bond have stood the test of time. On this BFF Day, let`s look at the old and strong friendships in Bollywood that have lasted over the years and are still going strong.

1. Karan Johar & Shah Ruk Khan 

Since Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar’s bromance has never left the gossip columns of Bollywood.

2. Kareena Kapoor & Amrita Arora

The iconic friendship of Kareena Kapoor And Amrita Arora has always shown how a friend stands by you in all your thick and thin moments.

3. Sonam Kapoor & Jacqueline Fernandes

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”, proves right for the Bollywood beauties when Sonam Kapoor cover Jacqueline Fernandez when she had a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet.

4. Siddharth Malhotra & Varun Dhawan

After so many rumours, the “Student Of The Year” co-stars, Siddharth Malhotra And Varun Dhawan have proved that no rumour can spoil their friendship.

5. Priyanka Chopra & Kangana Ranaut

Friends since “Fashion”, Priyanka Chopra hosted a success party for the ‘Queen’ of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut to show her love for their friendship.

6. Arjun Kapoor & Ranveer Singh 

The most talked couple of Bollywood is of Arjun Kapoor And Ranveer Singh. After Gunday their chemistry seems never to end for good.

7. Ranbir Kapoor & Ayan Mukerji

From ‘Wake Up Sid’ to ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’, Ranbir Kapoor And Ayan Mukerji have bonded well these years and opt for a lifetime friendship.

8. Salman Khan & Sanjay Dutt

The co-hosts of ‘Big Boss’, Salman and Sanjay Dutt have been friends since ‘Chal Mere Bhai’ and Salman was the only reason that persuaded Sanjay Dutt to do the TV Show.

9. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan & Preity Zinta

B-Town’s very first BFFs, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan And Preity Zinta have always been in support to each other and has always cherished each others presence in their lives.

10.  Rohit Shetty & Ajay Devgan

Filmmaker Rohit Shetty has been friends with Ajay Devgn for close to 25 years and says the actor is like family to him. 

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