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Longer Tweets Welcome (Not-Really)

In this age of the Internet, we all maintain presence on various social media platforms. What makes one better than the other is our tolerance to the limitations that the platform has or to put it in a better way, how tolerant we are and find a way around these challenges.

Be it the ‘Square’ images on Instagram or inability to change the name of the FB page once you have 200+ followers, we saw thru it and once we got used to it, FB announced that you could make changes on your page while Instagram lets you upload pictures of any size and shape.

Another thing that has kept the verbose part of the 300 million plus users frustrated was Twitter's 140 character limit on tweets.

Following the other players in the market who have made the changes, now Twitter could offer a solution - The 10,000 character tweet, which could be available as soon as March after restricting users to 140 characters for 10 years.

We have learnt that Twitter is testing a version that would still only display 140 characters in a message, but carry much more, and a reader would have to click on the tweet to see the rest.

The move is a part of Twitter's efforts to expand its user base and advertising sales and other sources of income.

Users however were not entirely enthusiastic about the possible new limit, and got on Twitter itself to bash the company’s idea and that too within 140 characters!

Investors did not take to the idea, either: Twitter shares closed down 2.8 percent to $21.92 after the report. Is Twitter taking the hint?

We would like to know your opinion on this in 140 characters ;) Tweet us your views on @891radio4