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Movember Movement – A Step Towards Supporting Men’s Health

For all those men who've been waiting to find a legitimate excuse for their lazy unkept facial hair, and for all the women who find these men extremely attractive, rejoice, for the month of Movember is here!

In the recent years, the buzz around the month of Movember has only increased, with more people joining the moustache-growing bandwagon by the minute. But do you know the actual significance behind the entire process of growing a moustache as a part of Movember?

Let us help you know (almost) everything about Movember. 

What is Movember, and how did it come about?
Movember is a month-long initiative that was originally started in 2003 by two Australian friends Travis Garone and Luke Slattery, who over pints of beer discussed how moustaches have gone out of fashion, and whether they could bring them back. Before they knew it, 30 men were ready to take the challenge. In the subsequent years, they realised how men bonded over moustaches and started growing facial hair in the name of charity. According to, in "their first month alone, they raised $40,851 and funded six men's health projects."

What causes does Movember stand for?
Movember is a month that believes in the significance of men's health. It seeks to create an informed society that is in the know of serious men's health issues like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity.