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Through the eyes of Mario Miranda!

2011 had been a heavy-hearted year for the left-brained. From Jehangir Sabavala, MF Husain, Jagjit Singh and then Dev Anand, India had lost stalwart after stalwart to the heavens. Mario Miranda joined that list of losses.  For most of us, these are celebrity names. But for some, these were a lot more than that.

By now, you all know that Mario João Carlos do Rosario de Britto Miranda was a caricaturist and illustrator who, through his works, made Goa known for more than its 3 B's. You know that through his caricatures and illustrations, he brought forth Goa’s laidback life in the spotlight, used subtle humour, gentle satire, drew and travelled voraciously and that he was awarded the Padma Bhushan for his works.

One of India’s most versatile illustrators, Mario Miranda will be remembered for his shy demeanour but extremely outspoken works! At 85, his passing away leaves behind a collection of illustrations well-loved. Here’s a look at his best works.

Café Mondegar wall
At South Mumbai\'s famous Mondegar Cafe, Mario was commissioned to paint murals. They adorn the cafe\'s walls even today, and are the perfect backdrop to a cosy lunch out at South Mumbai.


Konkan Railway by Mario Miranda
His illustration of the coming of the Konkan Railway - a hope-filled image for its denizens about a decade ago.

His creations like the bosomy Miss Nimbupani, Miss Fonseca, Khushwant Singh drinking and others became an instant hit - and are remembered till date.

Goans by Mario Miranda
He illustrated books penned by the Goan, Dom Moraes (\'A Journey to Goa\'), Manohar Malgaonkar (\'Inside Goa\') and Mario Cabral de Sa (\'Legends of Goa\'), truly illustrating his love for Goa and its locals.

Times of India
His stint with the Times Group began in 1953, a year after a few of his works got published in The Illustrated Weekly. He also featured in MAD and PUNCH magazines.

Tornaboda by Mario Miranda
A typical Goan wedding reception or Tornaboda as depicted by Mario…

Portuguese Fado Goa by Mario Miranda
Fado music is a traditional form of urban folk music from Portugal, as depicted by MArio in this sketch.


Mama by Mario Miranda
Titled ‘Mama\'; this sketch of an Eskimo lady and her child was done by Mario using merely a Parker pen.