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How can two-factor authentication help you save your Gmail account?

According to a report of 2018, only 10 percent of Gmail users use the two-factor authentication- which makes 90 percent of the users exposed to cyber attacks.

If you remember, whenever you log in from a new device or your existing device, Google asks you if you want to enable the two-factor authentication on your phone. Enabling this will help you protect your account and this way hackers won’t gain any passwords or access to other accounts and users.

If you’ve not enabled it now, do it right away-

The feature is called the two-step verification, where they ask you to give a single-use key or password, along with the account password to verify the user’s identity.

If a hacker can break into the email of even one person, he can get access to not only your information but also your office data- making it even more important for you to enable this on your smartphone.


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