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Understanding WhatsApp’s new Status update

However, with the Status update, users may miss the simplicity of WhatsApp that has endeared it to over a billion users.

First, WhatsApp eliminated the simple text message/emoji status. With the new Status, you're obligated to create a new one after every 24 hours, and not making one would make you appear so boring to others.

Second, the Contacts tab is gone, being replaced by a camera icon. You would only be able to view them when you tap on the New Message icon - that's an extra tap if you are somewhere else on the app.

Third, it may unnecessarily complicate the way you use WhatsApp. With the introduction of Status, WhatsApp is now a fully-blow a social media app, not a simple but great private messaging app.

Additionally - and unlike Snapchat that alerts you when someone takes a screenshot of your story - WhatsApp won't notify you if someone does this to your Status. So be mindful of what you're sharing.