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10 facts you didn't know about Dubai Mall!

Dubai Mall, the biggest mall in the world! But you already knew that, what about the things you didn't know!


Here are 10 facts about Dubai Mall you didn't know! 

1: The total size of the mall is the equivalent to 50 football pitches!


2: From it's opening in 2009, more than 69,000,000 different pairs of feet have walked through the mall!


3: The waterfall illusion!

Stare at one of these bad boys for a little while and all the other guys will disappear, seriously! Go to the mall and try it!


4: The Address Dubai Mall and The Address Dubai Marina are 2km away from one another, but each hotel has an entrance into the mall!


5: Dubai Mall has 14,000 parking spaces across 3 different car parks!

That means if the car park is at full capacity with 4 people in all the cars, 56,000 people came to the mall by car!


6: Dubai Mall is part of Downtown Burj Khalifa project by Emaar, which cost Dh73463000000000.00!

Can't read the number? Nor could we, in english: 73 trillion 643 billion Dirhams.. That's a lot of money!


7: There are 1,200 stores open in Dubai Mall, That's not including the pop up ones!


8: The Dubai Mall's Aquarium glass panel weighs a huge 2.4 million kg!

That weight is equivalent to 757 Hummer H2s!


9: 13,800 tonnes of steel were used to build the mall, that's more steel used than the Eiffel Tower!


10: In 2013 Dubai Mall announced phase 1 of their expansion!

Which means there's gonna be more shops to accommodate the tens of millions of people that visit the mall every year!