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Beware Traffic Offenders, you are being watched!

Ever been forced to jam the brakes on your car when a vehicle ahead suddenly swerved without turning on the indicator? 

Have you been pushed off the fast lane, by tail gaiters or road bullies leaving you feel frustrated and helpless without being able to do anything about it. 

Here’s your chance to give back.

Dubai Police’s ‘We Are All Police’ initiative is just that handy tool that enables cautious drivers to report traffic violations.If you spot anyone violating the rule,  you can report any violations by dialing 8007777 or 8004353 or 901, or emailing

How to report traffic offences

  •  Take a photograph or video of the violation
  •  Send it within two hours. Photos or videos sent after two hours will not be considered due to fear of manipulation
  •  Photos or videos of offences must capture the offence and the vehicle’s registration number plate
  •  Be careful, you shouldn’t film an offence while driving, as you will be fined for using a phone while driving!

There are many irregularities that you can help in monitoring, such as parking in spaces reserved for special needs or driving on the hard shoulder. In addition, double parking, blocking traffic and children leaning out of the side windows or sun/moon roof of the cars can also be reported via the app.