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Deepak Chopra

Date: Wednesday 11th February
Venue: Park Hyatt, Dubai
Timings: 12pm – 6pm
Topic of Discussion: Soul of Leadership

Unlock your potential...

Al Murad Group announces the upcoming visit of Deepak Chopra - the most powerful & influential speaker of our time.

Channel 4 Radio Network is the leading Radio Network in the UAE since 1997 and its only fitting for us to bring the Worlds Leading Motivational and Inspiration Speaker to Dubai to speak about The Soul of Leadership.

Join us to talk

Unlock your potential for greatness with World Renowned Speaker, Best Selling Author and Guide, Best Selling Author of more than 75 books, New Age Guru and One of the Top 100 Icons of the Century ñ Deepak Chopra!

Deepak Chopra will be speaking on The Soul of Leadership and will be helping you unlock your True Potential as a leader in every aspect of your work and personal life.

Join Channel 4 Radio Network on 11th February Wednesday, 2pm onwards at Park Hyatt Dubai for an unforgettable afternoon with Deepak Chopra!

This event is produced and conceptualized by Channel 4 Radio Network, a part of Al Murad Group.