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Drive safe, you might not know these offences but they'll cost you

Driving in any part of the world is a big responsibility and violations in any sense may put at risk, yours and others life. Thus to keep roads safe, violations of any level may incur penalties or black points.

And in the UAE traffic law states that a driver having 24 black points in a year may perhaps be banned from driving for a year.

Below are the few traffic violations that could invite fines or fines along with black points. Be safe and Drive safe.


1. Not giving way for vehicles to pass on the left

Lack of courtesy on the roads is another common problem, with drivers almost never giving way for others. It’s almost like they are possessive about their lanes and honk grudgingly if someone moves into “their” lane. This, however, isn’t something the Dubai Police appreciates, and it can set you back by Dh200 in fine.


2. Reversing dangerously

Whether it’s using the back cameras, parking sensors or rear-view mirrors, reversing the car should be done with outmost care, because if it’s not, it could cost you Dh400 in fine and 4 black points.


3. Not using indicators when changing direction or turning

Imagine how many accidents can be averted if every motorist decided to use the indicator while changing lanes. If you are one of those habitual offenders who changes lanes without putting on the indicator, then it could cost you Dh200 in fine, and 3 black points.


4. Throwing waste out of vehicles

How often have we wiped our sweat with a tissue paper and slyly flung it out of the window of our cars? Well, if you knew that such an act could cost you Dh500 in fine, and 4 black points (now you know), you might just drive that extra mile to find a garbage bin, and empty out the trash.


5. Not giving pedestrians way on pedestrian crossings

It’s common to see cars and trucks racing over pedestrian crossings without slowing down for the pedestrian traffic to cross over. But, this hasty oversight could cost the motorists Dh500 in penalty, and 6 black points.