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Dubai's Mission - Smartest City in the World!

The latest technology on show at the 35th Gitex week is dazzling & awe inspiring. From virtual reality headsets to improve the skills of learner drivers, to drones designed to help Civil Defence teams assess emergencies, Dubai is set to have all of it. 

Yes, that right! Dubai is on a mission to be the smartest city in the world and the gadgets on display at the 35th Gitex week is all the Emirate is looking forward to. 

Smart Mall recently launched at the Dubai Mall Metro station offers passengers to order and pay for groceries and arrange for delivery time on the go. This retail collaboration between Etisalat and is looking forward to add its services to 5 more metro stations. The Smart Mall project allows Dubai Metro users to shop using interactive screens. Two people can carry out purchasing processes at a time. The initiative would be implemented in the following metro stations: Mall of the Emirate, Damac Properties, Dubai Internet City, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and Baniyas Station.

Through the Smart Mall, the customer can select items required from those on offer, drop them in a shopping basket, and pay through a credit card. Items purchased would be delivered to the place and time selected by the customer. RTA is considering other payment options, such as NOL card, or the mobile phone (Etisalat Balance)


On the other hand, obtaining a driving license in the emirate was never easy and RTA to soon implement virtual driving test from 2016. The simulator, which was unveiled on the first day of Gitex Technology Week, will put learning drivers to the test in extreme weather conditions on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Drivers can sit passively at the moment and see what is happening around them on the road, but we are developing the technology so they can interact and make decisions, For example, if there is a hazard in front of them, they can slow down. It is safer than the traditional way of learning to drive on busy roads. In future, this could be developed to help drivers who have been penalised to improve their driving. The driving conditions of Dubai mean it can be a difficult place to learn.A driving simulator helps us to show young people how dangerous bad driving can be. It is good as an awareness tool.”

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