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Everything you wanted to know about the NYE’16 Fireworks

The record breakers are once again preparing itself for a celebration unlike any other. After the world record for the largest and longest fireworks display in the world for the NYE 2014 celebrations, plans are on the way to make this year's New Year's Eve to be even more spectacular than ever before. So be prepared to experience Dubai come to life throughout the eve of the year's end, at the stroke of midnight and into the New Year.

Separated by intervals of only a few minutes, fireworks shows at Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and Atlantis are set to light up Dubai's skies in a burst of colour on January 1, 2016.

Burj Khalifa

Visitors to Downtown Dubai can watch the spectacle from specially allocated viewing points in Burj Park as well as from Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. We recommend that you arrive before 6pm and take public transport to arrive at the venue (You sure don't want to play the parking game on that eve), while Roads & Transport Authority plans to extend the operational hours of the Dubai Metro for your convenience.

If you are the kinds who prefer celebrating the new years eve at a cozy house part then just turn on your tablet or laptop and bring in 2016 with a spark!



The fireworks show this New Year's at Atlantis is going to be bigger and better than anything you've seen in the previous years according to Fireworks by Grucci - the designers of the show. 

The key moment, they say, is going to be when people will see "Atlantis" spelt out in the sky.

The show will run for 10 minutes and will be synchronized to music. A 10-second countdown to midnight will be marked by fireworks for each second. The show officially begins at midnight.

For an even more dramatic effect, the Grucci team intends to combine light effects to use the reflections of the fireworks in the water. One of their ideas is to create a shimmering red carpet, which will light up the sky as well as reflect in the water below.