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Forgetful Dubaites: Over 970 credit cards left behind at just this one location

Be it family get-together, partying with friends or clubbing at hotels, Dubai is full of life. But during these fun-filled moments, there are many unforgettable moments. And there is one place in Dubai where, after partying, people forgot their credit cards and a person even managed to lock himself in the toilet.

“There has been the unforgettable case of someone being locked up in the toilet as well as 17 counts of keys left behind, 927 forgotten credit cards, five blown speakers and 640 requests for Dirty Dancing’s ‘I’ve had the time of my life’,” Societe Dubai Marina club said

Since its opening on December 12, 2013, the club has received more than 105,600 people, uploaded 11,065 images on Facebook, played 31,800 songs and sold 23,234 Red Bulls, it noted.

The club has also been credited for bringing like-minded people together, but most notably it has been the venue that has led to three marriages, and hosted 385 hen parties.

Commenting on the success of the first 12 months, founder Gary Holliday said: “We would like to personally thank everyone who has played a part in making our first year such a success. This has been a truly inspiring year for us and as we expand the Societe brand to include Societe Jumeirah, we look forward to an even more exciting future ahead.