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Hail storm in Abu Dhabi, Floods in Ras Al Khaimah

While the UAE reels from an ‘unstable’ weather pattern that is expected to last 24 hours, Abu Dhabi has borne the brunt of the storm with hail pounding down on commuters in the morning hours of Monday.

A hail storm was reported in parts of Sweiham, Shahama and Al Taweela, experienced by commuters driving down the highway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi Police has urged commuters to proceed with caution as thunderstorms and high cross winds continue to lash the capital.

Commuters in the northern part of the country are facing their own weather chaos during the morning drive, with residents in Ras Al Khaimah waking up to a flooded city and high cross winds amidst the thunder and lightning storm.

Cars were submerged in water-clogged streets, as commuters complained of taking twice the time to get to work, only to find those areas flooded.

To communicate with the police in case of an emergency, RAK Police is requesting people to call 07 235 6611 or 07 235 6600