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Hike in fuel prices soon!

As of August 1st fuel prices will be deregulated. This means that the UAEs fuel prices will be linked to global fuel prices.

This decision has been made in an attempt to lower fuel consumption around the UAE, to protect the environment and preserve national resources.

New prices for how much fuel will cost a litre will be announced on the 28th of every month. Which means on the 28th July, new fuel prices will be announced for the month of August.

Change is coming and we’re scared. However experts have said that if prices do rise it will not affect peoples cost of living.

Take a look at the list of fuel prices around the world!

10. Iran

Price per litre: Dh1.2

9. Algeria

Price per litre: Dh0.97

8. Kuwait

Price per litre: Dh0.96

7. Turkmenistan

Price per litre: Dh0.95

6. Libya

Price per litre: Dh0.86

5. Bahrain

Price per litre: Dh0.85

4. Qatar

Price per litre: Dh0.68

3. Saudi Arabia

Price per litre: Dh0.58

2. Egypt

Price per litre: Dh0.51

1. Venezuela

Price per litre: Dh0.45

The UAE didn't make it on to the list coming in at number 14.

The UK is the 4th most expensive country to buy fuel, with the USA coming in at number 29. 

The most expensive country to buy fuel is Hong Kong costing a whopping Dh7 a litre!