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Make way for the Smart Trolleys

Soon, every passenger at the UAE airports will have their own guide – a smart trolley. 

Smart trolleys may be introduced in the near future at the emirate’s airports, which will route passengers through the huge airports and also guide them to the departure gate. 

The new technology could also guide the airport or airline staff to the passengers if they’re stranded, or busy shopping at duty free and late to board the flight. 

Not only this passengers may also be inform about sales or discounts offered by the duty free shops at the airport through a soon-to-be-launched app.

If the passenger has a smartphone and the app, then they need to just swap their phone with the smart trolley or the boarding card, put their belongings on the trolley and just push it through the security scanner. 

It is believed that the new technology will increase efficiency from an average 250 to 400-plus passengers per hour at the airports.