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Met. Dept. warns, 'Dangerous weather' for camping and deep sea diving.

The weather across the UAE could take a turn for the worse, as a Mediterranean depression blows east, carrying with it high winds, rough seas and possible rain showers for the weekend.

The country’s National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has also warned the fog, which has been plaguing commuters and air travelers alike this past week, will continue through the weekend in scattered parts.

The same weather pattern has already brought thunderstorms and ice rain to parts of Lebanon, Syria and the Levant region, followed by rain showers in northern Saudi Arabia.

There are high chances of rain over the weekend, but also of high winds, which could go up to 30 knots per hour which could be dangerous if one is at a high altitude.

This kind of rough weather is expected to continue until Monday, so camping and deep sea diving should be avoided for safety purpose.