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Middle East’s First Crocodile Park!

In 2016, the emirate is likely to go crocodile crazy with a project costing Dhs22million.

A park to house these giant aquatic animals in the next 14 months. 20,000 square meter space will be situated within 10km of the airport – near Mushrif Park and can be accessed from Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, Tripoli Street, Emirates Road and Al Khawaneej.

This ambitious project would be a turning point in the history of Dubai tourism as the proposed crocodile park would have different species of crocodiles in the future, enabling tourists and researchers to learn everything about the crocodile, a big reptile that has existed on earth for the past 220 million years,

It’s likely to be a popular location with educational institutions on outings, as well as tourists, children and families in general & hopes that it will lead to increased interest in subjects of biology, environmental studies and natural sciences.

It is estimated the crocodiles spend almost 90 percent of their time in a central 150 sq m pool, which also houses a number of fish, and the remaining time resting on dry areas with heated tiles.

However, UAE’s hot climate will pose as a challenge.       

Unlike humans, crocodiles’ sex is not determined genetically, but according to temperature. Crocodiles’ hatchlings will be male if the temperature is at 32°C but with temperature below 32°C only female crocodiles are born.

The temperature in the Crocodile Park will be controlled as well as the reproduction.  


This park will not only serve the sole purpose of entertainment but will open its doors to research and observation in the UAE.