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Win amazing prizes Public Transport Day!

Gold bars, Apple watches, computers and cash will be given away as prizes to the most frequent users of Dubai’s public transport system to mark the sixth Public Transport Day on November 1.

Big prizes will be up for grabs from October 20 until the event day and will depend on the number of points commuters have recorded on the nol or fare cards, the Roads and Transport Authority announced on Tuesday.

The first winner who notches up 1,000 points or more will win a 100g gold bar, the runner-up with 750 points or more will be awarded an Apple computer and the third winner, collecting 500 points or more, will win an Apple watch. The next winners will be awarded headphones and gold nol fare cards.

Points will be calculated at 50 points per trip, with daily draws on two gold bars, each weighing 50g, starting from October 20.

Those who do not travel often enough to register sufficient points could still strike it lucky if they find one of 30 envelopes that will be concealed in various places on public transport.

Selfies taken by 10 frequent passengers on buses, boats, trams or metros will also win prizes. Selfies can be posted on social media with the hashtag #PTD2015.

“This year’s edition will be totally different and, for the first time, the RTA is inviting government entities to nominate team representatives to take part in a contest involving a specific route and all means of public transport,” said Yousef Al Ali, chief executive of RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

Cash prizes from Dh7,000 to Dh20,000 will be awarded.

“We are keen to ensure that the events of Public Transport Day are unique and excellent,” Mr Ali said. “Prizes will be given to 50 winners, with 10 winners in each prize category.”

To qualify for the prizes, commuters must personalise their silver and gold nol cards by registering their card numbers via the RTA’s public transport app or use personalised blue nol cards.

Those interested can register here