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Residents of Dubai don't get a visa unless you get health insurance!

The Dubai Health Authority has confirmed that it is mandatory to have medical insurance on your residents visa.

When the time comes for you to renew your residents Visa, you will be asked to show your medical insurance information to prove you are covered

All renewals of visas before June 2016 do not need to present their medical insurance information.

However; since the start of August, companies that hire more than 100 staff members must obey to the new rules set.

Your medical certificate is a document that your health insurance company should be able to provide to you for free.

When you go to renew your visa you need to present your medical certificate with all the documents that a needed for a residents visa or visa renewal.

It is possible to apply for your visa online, and there is an option to upload your medical certificate to the application.

Companies that provide you medical insurance could be fined if the medical documents are not given in on time of visa renewal.

When visiting the emirate medical insurance coverage is required, however this has not been announced as mandatory as of yet.

Visitors to the emirate will also be required to have a medical insurance coverage upon entering Dubai, however, details of this part of the scheme are yet to be announced.