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Surveys in Dubai will now need approval

Surveys and research studies in Dubai should be conducted by qualified and competent entities and according to internationally accepted scientific methodologies and professional standards, according to a resolution issued by Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council.

The resolution, which aims to protect the personal information of survey respondents, defines the responsibilities and authorities of the Dubai Statistics Centre (DSC). These include approving the scientific methodologies for surveys and research studies, approving requests to conduct survey activity according to regulations set forth by the DSC Executive Director, monitoring and overseeing the entities licensed by the DSC and ensuring enforcement of the resolution's bylaws.

The DSC, in collaboration with the commercial licensing authorities, is authorised to issue temporary permits according to the approved rules and regulations. The DSC is also authorised to establish and manage a database for the findings of the surveys and research studies and use such findings to update statistics on Dubai. Additionally, the DSC is authorised to revise published research findings and prepare proper responses, in collaboration with government entities concerned, if required.

It is strictly forbidden for any person to conduct a survey on behalf of others in Dubai unless the person is duly licensed by the DSC and Dubai's commercial licensing authorities. Any information collected during a survey is considered confidential and should not be shared with a third party without prior approval from the owner of the information or an order from the relevant judicial entity.

The resolution stipulates that surveys and research entities should adhere to the rules and regulations approved by the DSC, recruit qualified technical and administrative staff, provide the DSC with all information or data related to their surveys and research conducted in Dubai upon request and conduct the survey only within the geographical area authorised by the DSC.

The entity conducting the survey, owning the survey or with a temporary permit to conduct a survey should not use the survey findings to cause offence to the UAE or its national achievements in any way. It should also not change or amend the survey findings or disclose any personal information.

Any violation of the rules and regulations set forth in the Appendix attached to this resolution is subject to the fines specified. The fines will be doubled if the violator commits the same violation within one year. The increased fine shall not exceed Dh40,000. Furthermore, the DSC is authorised to take additional action against violators, including suspending business activities for a period not exceeding six months, and cancelling the entity's permit or establishment card.

This resolution will be published in the Official Gazette and is considered effective from the date of publication.