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Tiny cameras to be a part of Dubai cops uniform

Dubai Police will have tiny cameras fixed on their uniforms so their seniors can see how they deal with the public, the police chief was quoted on Tuesday as saying.

Major General Khamis Al Mazinah said all cops, including traffic, crime and other fields, will wear that camera when such plans are approved by the authorities.

He further added that “These cameras will record all details and the policeman will not be able to control them”.

The plan which is at the studying phase is basically designed to ensure all the police units comply with the way they were trained for dealing with the public.

Mazinah said the camera would also film offenders, adding that this would help rebuff claims by some of them that they were mistreated by the police.

“These cameras will provide picture and sound evidence about what happened which will reduce objections by some people that they have been maltreated.”