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Titanic II “Ship of Dreams” Coming to Dubai

It looks like the Titanic. It is meant to feel like the Titanic. But the Australian billionaire who on Tuesday unveiled blueprints for a successor ship to the doomed ocean liner is confident his dream project will not sink like the Titanic.

Mining tycoon Clive Palmer said his ambitious plans to launch a copy of the Titanic and sail her across the Atlantic would be a tribute to those who built and backed the original.  He assures that it will be the safest cruise ship in the world when it is launched.

The outline of Titanic II is an almost exact match to the original ship, which struck an iceberg and sank on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York in 1912.

Titanic II is set for launch in 2018 and her first cruise destination will now be  Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Like RMS Titanic, Titanic II will offer first, second and third-class tickets and will feature period decor along with Turkish baths, a swimming pool and gymnasiums.

She will feature nine floors and 840 cabins capable of accommodating 2,400 passengers and 900 crew members. This project ensures that history doesn’t repeat.