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UAE tourist visas fees increased with no extension.

Fees for the UAE tourist and visit visa have been increased, and the option of extending the stay by 10-days or 30-days have been cancelled.

Fees for tourist visa (single entry) have increased, and is approximately Dh250.” The earlier fees was Dh210. Multiple-entry tourist visa will now cost approximately Dh350.

Fees for visit visa, which can be sponsored by residents in the UAE, has also been increased, and revised.

The 30-day visit visa is approximately Dh350, and would require a refundable deposit. Earlier, it cost Dh300. This visa can no longer be extended by 30 days.

The 90-day visit visa is approximately Dh 790, and would also need a refundable deposit, earlier it was Dh660.

With the 30-day extension scrapped, there will now only be 30-day and 90-day visit visas.