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Who is taking your parking spot?

Finding a parking slot in Abu Dhabi is like finding a needle in a haystack. And it’s getting worse by the day

Many residential and commercial areas are choked with vehicles and the relentless line of cars inching ahead seems unstoppable on a working day. Motorists say it is nothing less than a herculean challenge to crawl for hours in a bid to find parking near their homes in the evenings.

Assigned parking spaces are being increasingly hijacked by unauthorised motorists, residents across new communities. 

There are 98,000 paid parking slots in the city, with another 10,500 parking spaces planned to come onboard by 2016, but that’s hardly likely to make a dent in the massive parking problem.

While many residential buildings provide assigned parking spots for residents living in each apartment, the rules of parking are still being broken by other residents and visitors.

However, authorities and community managements said proper owners of the spaces can take legal action to keep intruders at bay by taking up their complaint with the building’s security and management before contacting the police.

What may seem like a minor issue has become a daily frustration for residents, who have tried different methods to resolve the issue but still feel helpless.

What do you think could be the easier way to resolve the issue?